• Friday, September 17, 2021

Why register

Some of our content are not available for public. When you register you will get the privilege to access most of the site content except some very special features that requires your account to be privileged.

Is there any charges for the software you provide ?

Most of our software are freewares. However, we offer some gaming specialties for a small amount. After all we need to keep this site up.

Is there a space for advertising ?

Currently we are not accepting any ADs. but you can still contact us maybe you can change our mind

Can you guarantee the safety and legitimacy of the software you are providing ?

Most of the freeware we are offering were either developed by our team, or acquired through GPL. Eventhough, we still scan all of the files that we upload. Regarding the shareware, We always offer a trial period with full functionaly for free, but for a limited time. In case you don't like our product then you simply don't buy it

Do you offer or deal with cracked software ?

No no and no. We do not offer any cracked software. All of the site content are either Freeware or shareware

How can i pay you ?

Currently you can pay through PayPal, Skrill and cryptocurrencies. We will be introducing debit and credit cards soon.

Do you accept donations ?

Who doesn't ? We really need some of your generous donations to keep this work up.